Canyoning informations


Who can do canyoning?        

You need no specific capacity to go canyoning. At least, enjoy water. You don't have to be a good swimmer as your wetsuit and your life jacket will maintain you with no effort at the surface.

Terms & conditions FR

Conditions générales No Limits Canyon

Material and Equipement

Personal equipement:
As simple as a swimming suit, a towel and a good pair of shoes (like running shoes) to go in the water.

Supplied Material:
All technical material is supplied:
  • wetsuit, 5 mm, pants + hooded jacket
  • neoprene socks, 3 mm
  • life jacket
  • helmet
  • harness with descender


The guides in charge of the supervision of our activities have been specifically trained for each discipline.

For the canyoning activities, they are mountain guides and have followed the canyoning training given by the Swiss Mountain Guides Association (Association des Guides de Montagne de Suisse AGMS), or canyoning guides that have followed the canyoning training of the Swiss Outdoor Activity (SOA).

Several of our guides are also trainers for the canyoning training courses of the AGMS + SOA and take care of rescue organisation in the Walliser canyons.