Morcles - Vaud

morcles-vaud-canyoningIf challenges are part of your life, you’ll most certainly want to take up this one.

Rappelling down one of the highest waterfall in Switzerland: 113m promises to give you big thrills. But this is not the end of the adventure: besides this spectacular descent, you’ll have to progress in the river created by the water and make another 15 rappels (between 5m and 72m).

Guaranteed thrills and permanent supervision by two professional guides. Located in the Alpes vaudoises, this canyon offers a magnificent landscape : above your heads, the infamous Dent de Morcles and just below your feet, the Rhône valley and Lavey-les-bains.

An exceptional canyon and a unique adventure for the most courageous ones.
An exclusivity by No Limits canyon!
Price CHF 250.--/pax as of 4 people
(framed by two guides)
Duration 1 day
Period From mid-June until the end of October
Age minimum 14 years old